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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Munising Falls and North Country Trail

Monday morning and everyone is moving out of the campground. Ahhhh. Went for a walk along the beach, found blueberries and ate them.

When we got to Michigan's upper peninsula, I kept hearing the term Yoopers. UPers is what it means. They have a different speech pattern and mannerisms and nice people.
Had to try the pasty. Don't  have to do that again. That apple and cherry were good, rutabagas not so great. 
We got pretty tired after all of the going we have been doing and decided on a real rest day. We've met several couples here are the campground and enjoyed visiting and getting tips on what to do.

Munising Falls a short walk.

Sand Point Beach just up the road. The water is so clear.

Got to love a city that takes care of the bikes with a good rack.
Iron ore smelting furnace from the 1800s is now a national park

Always room for another lighthouse
North Country Hiking Trail will eventually go from New York to North Dakota

Such a nice walk that I didn't want to turn around but we had a boat tour of the Pictured Rocks booked and had to watch the time and 3 miles had to do.

The trail follows the shoreline and we would look thru the trees to see boats and kayakers.

After the rain last night, it was good to have the boardwalks.

125 giant legsteps

Yesterday was rainy and foggy. During the evening, we watched the fog roll in across the lake. It was like a wall right at the shore.

Good thing we wore long sleeves and pants.  The mosquitos were mighty large in here.

Great views from the trail.

Marsh walk

Need I say more?

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