"Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt" US Forest Sevice

Monday, September 7, 2015

Munising, Michigan and Yoopers

It was very peaceful in Copper Harbor with only a few scattered campers in the campground. Labor Day weekend Friday, the place filled up and were glad it was time to move on. We usually stay in state and federal campgrounds and have lots of space but occasionally stay in private ones without a lot of space when someone is next to you.

Once we arrived at Munising Tourist Campground, We had to jump, actually a slow walk, into the lake because it was so hot. This city campground is great with reasonable rates and right on the beach with fire pits in the sand.
We never knew how great it would be here. Even with the Labor Day holiday, we didn't feel crowded.

The kids were still playing in the water once it got dark. I guess they are not ready for summer to end and return to school.

There are stories that Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone used to hang out in the UP hiking and exploring. They called themselves the "Vagabonds".
Miner's Castle

Path to  Miner's Castle Rock. We were all alone because we started out at 8 am. By the time we were done hiking at noon, there were cars parked a half mile up the road from the parking lot.

Chapel Falls

 Not Lady slippers, jewelweed

Fungi on moss

Never heard of this but Mike used to like it as a kid in Vermont.
In the night, a thunderstorm came across the lake. We could heard the thunder and see almost constant lightening in the distance. The storm got closer and louder and then rolled by. You could tell where it was and where it was going. A few claps of thunder made us jump out of our drawers as we were falling asleep. I looked out after it passed and the clouds were hauntingly low with and foggy darkness over the lake.


  1. I love Munising! Always a great place for a walk but their lots at trail heads are way too small. The flower is Jewelweed and not Lady Slippers by the way, got to get up there early in June to catch a glpse of those beauties!

    1. Thanks Pam. I guess I had better double check my info. The sign from the forest service must have been where the lady slippers were before the jewelweed grew. We re learning so much on this trip. You are right. Munising is great. They can keep their pasties though.