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Friday, September 4, 2015

Keweenaw Peninsula and Copper Harbor, Michigan

Our mountain bikes weren't doing very well on the rack we had on back of the trailer with the rough roads. Mike was able to find a bike shop on the way between Bayfield, WI and Copper Harbor, MI that had the rack that he wanted and were willing to hold it for us. We picked it up in a  little town with lots of traffic. Once we got to our campground, he found that the new bike rack was missing 2 bolts and no place to buy them here. The campground manager was going by a hardware store in the morning and offered to pick them up for us. They were perfect and much appreciated.  
Lots of murals on buildings on our drive to Michigan.

The black lab was so happy to be in the water since the day was very hot and humid. His owner couldn't get him to come out of the lake.

Lake Superior

In Copper Harbor there are more bikes than cars on the roads and none are locked up when unattended. There is a bike wash but no car wash.  The post office opens between 12-3pm. When I asked if we had mail, he dug around in boxes and said "Here it is". 

Lake Fannie Hooe where we have our morning coffee and tea.

A falcon landed in front of us as we were walking to town. No picture.

This area is rated in the top 5 in the US. So glad we came. Much of it is over our heads but beautifully maintained and lots for our level of riding. The Bell's Beer Mtn Bike fest is Labor Day weekend.
We enjoyed the trails here. The humidity was so high and warm that our clothes were soaked when we got done. Not much air moves down on the paths in the trees.

We decided to get out and try the mountain bike trails before the racers arrive for the mountain bike enduro race this weekend.  They were great trails that lots of work had been done on. I felt a little uncomfortable on the bridges since they were narrow but did fine.

Some of the sugar maples are changing color.

Copper Harbor lighthouse

The chokecherries are ready to be picked.

Monastery in Eagle River

The monks of Poor Rock Abbey sell jams, jellies and bakery items.
Red Crested woodpecker

 Contemplating the canal between Hunter's Point and the island
I need to get off this rock

View from Hunter's Point
A foggy morning but had to get this lighthouse. It is kind of neat to wake up in the morning and hear the foghorn.

We were told this was a great hike by someone we didn't know while mountain biking. It took several people giving us instructions as we got closer. Turn down the private road, drive until there is a big hill down, trail head parking on left, (it was on the right), the trailhead said sanctuary, .75 miles down the path and walking around a gate, we found this sign. No phone service or 4G but we had a GPS and bug spray.

When we go to the overlook, all we could see is fog.
Took a hike in the Old Growth white pines.

No thanks

and thimbleberries
Lake  Fannie Hooe is upper right with Lake Superior to the left.

One month on the road and so glad we went after our dream. When we started we weren't sure how long this would last. Now that we are "out there", even with little hiccups, we want to keep going. When I buy or do things, I always think about the cost either in dollars, time or stress and ask myself "Is it worth the cost". I would say "Heck yeah!"

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