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Saturday, January 21, 2017


What a great week of skiing at one of the highest resorts in the US. We arrived on MLK weekend and as expected the crowd from the front range had arrived. We caught the early lift and had most of the mountain to ourselves until around 11:30. When the slopes started being covered by rental wearing  people lying on the ground, we called it a day.
Happy legs at this point.

We skied in the clouds at the top and could hear the crunching of the snow under our feet.

Love the corduroy.

Fresh powder on  Centennial early in the day.

This one is for Krista. Chair number 1. We were #2.

She always wanted to ride chair #1 but how do you know if you in #1 are unless you know how many chairs there are.

We were in and out of the clouds with little or no lift lines.

First tracks in the Imperial Bowl in the clouds. This is the highest lift in the US.

A good way to rest the legs at the end of the day.
Good thing we packed the biofreeze, ibuprofen and heating pad.
No people here.
Or here

Great grooming never gets old
A day of laundry, grocery shopping and leg resting were due after 3 days of skiing. While heading to Silverthorne, my stomach started to grumble as we arrived in Frisco. Eggs Butterhorn and a sticky bun were calling. We did share.

A person can't grocery shop on an empty stomach.

On the ceiling

Another blue bird day.
We met with some friends from Colorado Springs. I skied with the boys until we met Renee for lunch. The boys wanted to hit some chutes. My legs were shot so the girls headed out for a nice run of our own. My last run of a fun day with nice people.
We got out early for our last day skiing with friends and were headed to Peak 10's expert runs. We had just gotten off the lift on a green run enjoying the newly groomed snow when Mike hit a divot made by the snowcats and blew out and hit that tree with his shoulder and neck. We find you relax more on the easy runs which gives you less of a chance to recover from an unseen obstacle. I was close by and was able to get to him right away and asked our friends to call the ski patrol which is right around the corner from us.  Until I could get next to him, I wasn't sure if he was unconscious or dead. We got his skis off and released his arms that were held down by the wrist loops of his poles that were under his back and released his helmet that was choking him before the patrolman arrived. After giving Mike a good head to toe assessment, he gave Mike his options for treatment. One that was to refuse treatment. I immediately said that was not an option because of the thoracic pain he was having. He opted to take the toboggan to the clinic at the bottom of the mountain for xrays. He was released with contusions after some good quick care by all.
The Ibuprofen, Biofreeze and massage have helped him quite a bit. But will be a few more days before we get back out on the slopes again. Now, we are enjoying just chilling out and having some quiet time. As I always say, "Life can change in a blink of an eye".

Friday, June 19, 2015

Summit County and Lake Dillon in Colorado

We enjoy Summit County in the winter for skiing, hiking and cycling in the summer. There are several National campgrounds around the lake but Heaton Bay is our favorite. Safeway is a couple of miles away in the town of Frisco. The bike trail runs along side the campground. You can ride to Vail, Keystone or Breckenridge.
An evening of kayaking on Lake Dillon.
Riding our bikes from Frisco to Copper Mountain and on to the top of Vail Pass.
The hike is out of Breckenridge up Boreas Pass and beautiful.
After rain and lightening every afternoon, the weather is warming up which sends us looking for shade. Back to Colorado Springs for a couple of weeks while we finish up our jobs before heading out further.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Buena Vista, Colorado

We haven't been to Buena Vista in a while. Everything was beautiful and river running high after all of the rain we have received.
Mount Princeton in the background while we ride our bikes up Cottonwood Pass.
We managed to ride up to Cottonwood Hot Springs before the pass really started to climb. When we stopped in for a visit, they were very pleasant and showed us around. We have visited Mt Princeton Hot Springs in the past but really liked the atmosphere here.
I was hoping to hike up to Ptarmigan Lake but as you can see the snow was still a bit deep.
After driving down the pass to under 10,000 feet we found another trail with lots of beaver ponds and streams.
The Buena Vista Park runs along the Arkansas River with hiking/biking trails, kayaking and rafting.
So glad we got to return even though its not very far from where we live.

Friday, May 29, 2015

H. B. Wallace Reserve, Green Mountain Falls

After so much rain this month, it was good to get out with the Pikes Peak Over the Hill Gang for a morning hike.
We started out down here and headed to the rocks way up there. Of course, we had to take Fat Man's Squeeze up and squeeze between the rocks.
Lots of short switchbacks going straight up. We made it to the top of Castle Rock.
The toes got sore going down. I guess I should tie my shoes better. It was fun to catch up with everyone. Only found one tick. Isn't it early in the season?

Monday, April 20, 2015

HIking the Intemann Trail in Manitou Springs

Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs have so many great hiking trails within a short distance from and within the city. Probably why it is considered one of the healthiest places to live. That is just what people do here. If the sun is shining or it is snowing, people love to walk in the woods or mountain sides. There are trails for every level. In the springtime, April is one of the snowiest months and Pikes Peak is beautiful at 14,115 feet above sea level. Paul Intemann Memorial Nature Trail (named in honor of a Manitou Springs city planner) is a popular trail that winds south of Manitou Springs. It a is part of the Ring the Peak trail system but due to property easement dispute it is incomplete, with a gap in the middle. When hiking from north to south the trailhead is located off the Ruxton Avenue by the Iron Spring. Follow the trail through Spring Street and through the gate. After about 1/2 mile you will see a spur that leads up to the Red Mountain. Another 1/2 mile later the trail continues north on Pawnee Avenue through the city. Turn right on Southside Avenue, then walk a short portion of the trail to Delaware Road. The trail continues off the city streets again by the Tot lot. After passing by the High School you will reach the current end of the western portion of the trail at the cemetery. In order to hike the whole trail continuously you must take a detour through the city and come up on Crystal Park road to the next trail head. To hike the eastern portion of the trail start at the Section 16 trail head on Gold Camp Road. After 0.8 miles a sign marks the beginning of Intemann Trail to the right. The trail winds up and down at the foothills for about 2 miles until you reach Crystal Park Road. Climb up under the east side of the Sheep Mountain to trail's current end. Length: Total length of both segments is 5 miles. Difficulty: Easy to Medium. Trail is easy to hike but total distance does increase the difficulty if the whole trail is done in one day. Directions: Section 16 trailhead: From US-24 exit on 26th street. After driving through two switchbacks turn right to Gold Camp Road and the trailhead parking lot will be on the right side after about 0.9 miles. For Iron Spring trailhead park along the Ruxton Avenue in Manitou Springs or at the Barr Trail parking lot off Hydro Street.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spring skiing in Vail, Colorado

We got a few last days of spring skiing in before the ice and slush started. It doesn't matter how many days I ski in Colorado, it is the best day.
The views always are amazing and the cold air and sunshine can't be beat.
The number of people participating in snowboarding is dropping off so Burton provided a course and snowboards for the kids during the Snowboarders World Cup. I got to take the boys for a trial run while Krista and Luke were skiing and I was being Grandma. Tyler decided skiing was better since you don't fall so much. Kyle thought he would take a pass. We were glad to spend the time with them.