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Monday, September 21, 2015

Lake of the Ozarks and Ha HA Tonka State Park in Misouri

It was a tough day of towing the trailer due to the cement roads that were so rippled that our heads were bouncing off the seat and a windy day with 35 mph wind gusts that made us look like bobble heads and it was only 200 miles. We made it to Madison, had a tornado warning and without improving weather in the near future, we decided to head onward to our next destination.

We did try some cheeses and liked the portabella and chives in white cheddar quite well.
Osage Beach at Lake of the Ozarks State Park is great with huge spaces. Now that the kids are all back in school and not many people around, our campground had the host and us this morning.
Hiking in the evening along Lake Ozark

Almost got hit in the head with all of the falling acorns. I wonder if the squirrels wager on how many people they can hit.

Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Beautiful natural springs

Castle on the hill overlooking the lake after it burned down.

View from the castle

Limestone formations throughout the area

Natural bridge.

Turtles all around catching some rays.

One of many caves in the limestone inhabited by bats.
It is a long drive to Arizona and any suggestions about places to see on the way are appreciated. We will be driving thru Oklahoma on the turnpike and then the panhandle of TX. I am trying to psych myself up for that.

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