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Monday, August 17, 2015

Two Harbors, MN and Gooseberry Falls

We changed our plans when our slide quit working to get it repaired and had a couple of extra days unplanned for. A camp host in South Dakota told us about a city RV park in Two Harbors that was on Lake Superior. This is the view from the site. We met the nicest people next to us and they brought over cucumbers and tomatoes.

While waiting for our site to clear, we went to Vanilla Bean for breakfast. Since wild rice is locally grown, I had a veggie omelet with rice. They put vanilla bean in the butter for the toast. I took the remainder of my butter home for breakfast this morning.

We took a walk on a path along the shore that was so peaceful we had to return in the morning.

We took a bike ride along the harbor to the lighthouse near where the barges are loaded with iron ore.

Gooseberry Falls seems to be a stop off for families leaving the North Shore on Sunday afternoons. Kids were swimming in the river and felt good while we walked in it.

This is also a stop off for chicken and pie for families on the was back to Duluth after vacation.

The temperatures are much cooler this morning after having heat and humidity highs.

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