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Friday, August 21, 2015

Moose Lake, MN by way of the Munger Trail

We rode our bikes into Carlton to find the Willard Munger Trail and Jay Cooke State Park. At the trailhead, we found a couple of retired local gentlemen who said they were riding to Moose Lake and we would like having lunch at Joe Jitters if we rode that way.
One man is 74 years old so we figured that sounded good and headed the direction they suggested.

They had some great red beans and rice soup and sandwiches with wild rice and cranberry bread. They wouldn't tell me where I could buy some. They looked like such nice ladies but not giving up their secrets. 
The leaves are stating to change and feels like fall in the air even though it is August. 

As we entered Moose Lake we found more rails to trails to ride. Maybe the Soo Line someday.

More of the Munger Trail

Never trust a 74 year old local in spandex. That was one long 51 mile ride.

                                                Ahhh a little Danger Ale after the ride.

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