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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Troubles on the road

We made it to Hot Springs, SD. While leaving Colorado, our refrigerator was not working right on propane. We stopped in Camping World in Longmont for a little advise and got the come back in two weeks, brushoff. Mike was able to get in and find the cottonwood cotton had blocked the line and clean it out. We were so thankful our full fridge was back in order. Down the road we found the slide out making funny noises and not working right. All of the RV people were busy even the mobile RV guys we tried to get while in Douglas, WY. Once situated in WY, we called Rapid City to see if we could get on the schedule and they were so nice and helpful. They diagnosed the problem but did not have the part. So Bear called a place near where we had planned to be next week in MN and arranged that we get it fixed there. The service guy there is ordering the part and maybe it will all work out.
Douglas, WY gave us a very nice goodnight sunset.
A good way to end the day after hitting the pool since all of the kids left this morning. Tomorrow is Mike's birthday. We hope to do some hiking and will have to leave early since it is pretty hot in the afternoons here.

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