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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

South Dakota and the nice people

We decided to leave the Black Hills and skip the Badlands to get to Sioux Falls where Schaap's Traveland thought they had the motor we needed. We didn't want to get there on Friday and have to order one if it was the wrong one. We were in luck. They got us in and taken care of in 2 hours and it was under warranty. Bonus. It was actually too hot to be in the Badlands. I don't think there is a tree anywhere. It is so pretty driving across the rolling hills with all of the different crops.

I kind of like the sunflowers all facing the sunrise.
We don't usually let it get this low. That was one thirsty F 150.

Sioux Falls has a beautiful downtown park with bike trails along the river. The traffic here is so much nicer and speed limit 80 mph. We can't go that fast pulling a trailer. I think the wheels could have a problem. We have seen quite a few trailers and 5th wheels that have blown tires. A couple from Virginia were having lots of 5th wheel problems going and leaving Sturgis. They were waiting to get an axil repaired. Our issue was nothing compared to some of the stories we have heard.
Tomorrow is our last big driving day for a while. It will be nice to just be there. Where ever that is.

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