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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Silver Falls State Park

Trail of Ten Falls

It was a short drive from Eugene to Silver Falls that took a while on the slow and winding roads. Several years ago, we had a day trip to Silver Falls while staying in Portland and knew we would return someday. This time we found a campground reservation for three nights and were pleasantly surprised at the amount of space nestled in the trees that our be ours for a few days.
The Trail of 10 Falls connects the waterfalls and consists of Canyon Trail and Rim Trail, for a 7.2 mile loop with a 1000 foot elevation variation.  The decent into the canyon begins within the canopy of Douglas Firs, down to the undergrowth of ferns into the canyon and winding creek.
 South Falls 177 feet

 There are four water falls to walk behind.
 North Falls
 The park offers more than 35 miles of backcountry trails for mountain biking, hiking or horseback riding.  Bears and cougars live in the more remote park areas.

Winter Falls
We managed to log 8 miles on our hiking boots our first full day out. Whether we were walking along the creek or in the forest, it was quite enjoyable and kept us moving along. The next day turned into 5 miles and our feet were starting to complain a little. OK, more than a little.

Winter Falls 134 Feet

Drake Falls

You can see the small first fall of Double Falls high and to the right.

Wild flowers

Love the moss on the rocks.

The Great Depression struck in 1929, and timber, Oregon’s most important industry, tanked. The whole state, and Silver Falls along with it, was devastated. One program, the Civilian Conservation Corps, put young unemployed men to work constructing buildings, trails, bridges, retaining walls, and other park infrastructure - most of which are on the National Register of Historic Places. Most of the buildings are still standing and in use. They even had WIFI at the Lodge CafĂ© just a mile walk from our campsite.
South Falls from the bridge

Lower South Falls

The peaceful sound of Silver Falls was a treat. Every morning just before sunrise, which is quite early this time of year, the birds would sing and chatter for a half hour. There was plenty of time to read while sitting under the trees without TV or internet at our campsite to distract us. A campfire in the evenings was a good end to a darn good day.
Heading to Wine Country in McMinnville, OR.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Finger Lakes

New York's Finger Lakes

It was good to be back on our road bikes in the Finger Lakes of upper New York. Riding on the backroads between the farms and vineyards was lovely. Our campground is in a small town of Ovid between Lake Cayuga and Seneca Lake. Very little traffic other than the Amish carriages and a few tractors were on the roads.
By the second day of riding, we set our alarm clock for 6:30 since the heat and humidity were increasing.


Finger Lakes, NY

The Finger Lakes consist of 11 lakes with over 100 wineries. Many of the wineries have music in the afternoons.
We found several U pick berry places and Juneberry had some great looking blackberries with our names on them. Many of the roadside stands have serve yourself boxes with a place to drop our money. We did get some tasty tomatoes.


A mile from the end of our ride was a winery with copper pizza ovens.

Winery overlooking Lake Cayuga

The apple cider was refreshing.

The sangria was ok. It looked prettier than it tasted. Cranberry wine just doesn't do it for me.

Watkins Glen, NY

Watkins Glen State Park is the most famous of the Finger Lakes State Parks. Within  a two mile walk,  the glen's stream descends 400 feet past 200-foot cliffs, generating 19 waterfalls along its course. The gorge path winds over and under waterfalls and through the spray of Cavern Cascade. Rim trails overlook the gorge. We climbed the 840 steps which were fortunately shaded to keep us cooler.

The spray from the falls was refreshing.

We walked down the Spiral Tunnel to walk behind one of the falls.

I was surprised how long it took me to get over the pneumonia I got while in Maine. Our hikes and bike rides are getting longer each day. I ride a slow 15-20 miles before Mike drops me off and finishes his ride. It is good to know that someone has your back when things get tough.
Getting knocked down can be humbling.