Friday, May 29, 2015

H. B. Wallace Reserve, Green Mountain Falls

After so much rain this month, it was good to get out with the Pikes Peak Over the Hill Gang for a morning hike.
We started out down here and headed to the rocks way up there. Of course, we had to take Fat Man's Squeeze up and squeeze between the rocks.
Lots of short switchbacks going straight up. We made it to the top of Castle Rock.
The toes got sore going down. I guess I should tie my shoes better. It was fun to catch up with everyone. Only found one tick. Isn't it early in the season?

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Getting ready for a another adventure

Colorado is great in the summer. As excited as we are to be starting a new chapter in our life, we are waiting until the end of summer to be on our way. We have been fortunate to have good friends to spend time riding our bikes and hiking with after a long winter inside. I don't think they really get what we are planning to do. We are a little glad that everyone doesn't want to do the same. Who else would take care of the grocery stores and send us our mail if everyone was gone? Our kids are not surprised since Debbie has worked 3 month contracts as an ICU traveling nurse over the past 12 years and they see our passion for travel and meeting new people. It is a process getting things in order to totally change the way a person is living. As we go thru things, giving away some and packing away others, it is fun to remember our past giving pictures to our kids and laughing at the memories. I am glad we didn't leave it for them to go thru when we aren't able to share what they ment to us.We have a contract on the house, an offer to buy our furniture, the travel trailer is getting tuned up for our summer and most of our belongings that we don't need given away. We will move across town and enjoy the summer in the mountains but ready to leave when the time is right. Gore Creek, Vail, Colorado

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