Monday, May 30, 2016

Leo Carrillo Ranch

We had been reading a book about the movie industry of the 1930s when Greg Welch, a friend of Mike's from Vermont suggested that we visit the Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad. Leo was the actor that play Pancho in Cisco Kid movies in the 1930s.  He purchased the ranch and entertained his Hollywood friends there. The next day was the Wild West Fest and we headed over to check it out.

Leo loved peacocks and many are still around the grounds.

It was fun to imagine the parties with Will Rodgers, Clark Gable and Carole Lombarde. Leo would bring in trailers for his guests. I guess he could move them when he was ready for the people to leave.

 Blue Agave

Counting down with 2 weeks left before we head down the road. The traffic, scary drivers and gloomy weather will not be missed. We had a little more skin cancer taken care of with a little nip and tuck. After getting hit with the ugly stick, I got a lopsided haircut. Maybe she was thrown off by the swollen face. Once the sutures are out, we can hit the road.

People at work have been more than glad to point out to me that Morley Safer died a few days after retiring. He was 84 years old is my response. Better not take any chances and wait that long.

Deedee's, Leo's wife, house for her art projects.

Fancy sunken tile tub

When we got home, I watched an episode of the Cisco Kid on line. It was pretty hokey.

Caretaker's home for the 4500 acre cattle ranch. 
The Flying LC Ranch brand.

We always appreciate a tip of places to see or things to do.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Elfin Forest

The mind does wander while hiking up a steep hill.  Recently, I started thinking about people asking where home is for us. I usually say "Colorado." That is where I grew up and raised my family.  Home for us isn't a building or place but matters more who is across the table from us and how our days are spent when we are "there" where ever that is.  Our cozy trailer is a good place as long as it moves from time to time.  I guess for us "home" is more of a feeling than a place. But not for more than 3 months at a time.
We had been missing our hikes and decided to head to Escondido to Elfin Forest. We were glad to get an early start since it gets pretty warm inland and appreciated the clouds of May Grey during the steep climb up the Way Up Trail. 

The creek as we crossed into the Elfin Forest

I have never seen bells offered for use at a trailhead for mountain bikers.

Olivenhain Reservoir and Dam is a good thinking place. It helps that there was a good breeze to cool us down.

The Elfin Forest is not only great for hiking but also for delving deeper into the mysteries that surround this area and is rumored to be haunted with hundreds of stories and sightings.

The most popular myth is about the white witch. As the story goes, her husband and son were murdered out here a long time ago. Rumor has is she is still looking for her family, or the person who murdered them. There are also stories of the Northern Diegueno Indians haunting these grounds.

We didn't feel any spirits. We just sweated a lot. Maybe the bike bells help scatter the spirits...

This was a fat horned toad that would not move wither than his eyes would blink. Maybe, he thought we didn't see him or the sun just felt good.

Yep, we made it clear to the top. The lake is on the other side.

What makes your home a "Home"? We like to hear your stories.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Living at Paradise by the Sea RV Resort

Fulltime work in most hospital is three 12 hour shifts. I have found that many California nurses try to work 4 per week. They are paid very well here but the cost of living off sets that. It takes about 6 months to train an ICU nurse to be able to work on their own. After that training period, many choose to move on due to stress, demands of the shift and performance expectations. I have left for short periods to regain my sanity but been able to return after stints in other areas. We came to Oceanside because of a crisis situation giving a higher pay rate. This happens a lot in ICUs across the US. I don't really see a solution in the near future.
When we decided to live in our travel trailer while I worked my contract, we weren't sure how we would like it after having very nice furnished apartments. This place is pretty darn nice and working out just fine.
There is a little garden next to the laundry to relax and read.

A place to relax near the creek.

Showers to get off the sand upon returning from the beach

Small but cozy rv sites

Rarely, do we see anyone when we head to the pool except on the weekends. There is a big influx of people on Fridays and most leave on Sunday. They head across the street to the beach for the day.

Yoga every morning in the park for $10 at 9am.

I wonder what the future holds for healthcare but feel fortunate to have had a career that gave me so many opportunities. We have traveled and lived in some great places. I worked on the ski patrol as a nurse at Monarch so my children could learn to ski and was able to help a new expectant mom on the ferry as we traveled to work with the natives in Alaska and paid with pie.  I know it was a good choice I made when I was pretty darn young and am glad that Mike is so ready to try about anything I come up with.

 I know I am sounding sentimental as we move on from this chapter of our lives over the next few weeks. Don't get me wrong. We are more than ready for the next chapter.


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