Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hiking with friends in AZ

Doing time in the desert

Last summer was a whirl wind of travel across the country to see friends, family and do a little work. All of those miles left us ready to settle down for a while as we returned to Arizona. Six months is a long time for us to be in one place which led us to venture out a couple of times to keep the "Itch" at bay.

We had driven by the Goldfield Gold mine several times but had never stopped. This time we made the stop since I was still recovering from a virus that was sweeping through the area and not quite ready for a hike.

This was an interesting geocache.

 Getting ready for their shoot out.
I returned to the hospital for my four shifts a month. The flu hit pretty hard and a virus got me down for 10 days causing me to miss my trip to Denver to see my grandsons. So many nurses were missing work and the hospital was so full that they were offering
some nice bonuses for extra shifts or going to a different hospital. I only picked up one shift for a bonus as people were returning to work about the same time that I got better.
Mike is giving workamping a go here at  Cal-Am Resorts. He was working 24 hours per week for 3 months delivering food, beer and wine to different resorts which covered our space rent and utilities. Most couples share the job and each work 12 hours.
The 24 hours a week kept stretching out to many more 4 days a week. After the first month, we sat down for a talk and decided that things weren't working out as we had been led to believe they would. When he let his boss know that he was done, they came to an agreement that  12 hours a week for half of the rent would be a better plan. Mike likes the idea of working Mondays and Fridays 6 hour days. This is supposed to be a retirement job. Now he can enjoy the bike riding and hiking that we came here for.
Our resort has plenty to keep us busy and have enjoyed the hiking groups and met some fun people. We have a habit of hiking the same trails and this gave us the opportunity to see some different trails
and areas.  The comedy show and Tribute bands were a good time along with some of the classes that were offered. My Spanish is coming along.
 We took a few hikes with the local hiking group to checkout some new trails and enjoyed the people very much.
Why is he standing on the protective grate over the mine hole?
South Mountain's Fatman's Pas

The first time I locked myself out of our trailer was shortly after we sold our home. We were in Manitou Springs and Mike was working at the bike shop downtown. I couldn't figure out how I could have locked the door but I was stranded outside without my phone. I walked over to the office and used their phone. Mike came home and unlocked it for me. This was a wakeup call for us. Fortunately, we weren't in the toolies without a way in, other than breaking a window. We purchased a heavy duty lockbox to place on our hitch for a key, just in case.
Fast forward to Mike's first day work camping here in AZ. Once he went to work, I went outside without my phone or keys. I turned around to open the door and it was locked. I called Mike from the office for the combo to the box which I couldn't remember and opened the door. I was beginning to question my neediness when the door locked again and he was at work. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. The door will not close once the switch is in the lock position.  

Once I explained it to him that I notice the upper lock was turned to the lock position, a light went on. Every time this happened, he had locked the upper door lock as he left since I was sleeping in. I would unlock the lower lock from the inside without realizing he had locked the top.  We tested out his theory and he was right.
We had a good time visiting with Mike's sister, Susan and Rick on their visit from Vermont to see the Barrett Jackson Car Auction. They enjoyed the sunshine after a cold winter in the northeast.

We still have a little more time before heading out for the spring. But, it is sure nice to have Mike out cycling with me once again.

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