Friday, May 31, 2013

Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge is located 17 miles south of Port Angeles on Hurricane Ridge Road, off Mount Angeles Road. When I worked in Seattle a few years ago, we wanted to see this area but happened to be closed the days we were there. Fortunately, this time we made it to the top.
Hurricane Ridge has a number of hiking trails, from ridgetop traverses to steep trails that descend to subalpine lakes and valleys. The weather constantly changing along with the terrain.
Sometimes you have to change the direction of your hike. We chose to go to a lower elevation.
As we hiked thru the rainforest, we only saw a couple of other people and it was eerie at timesIt turned out to be quite a day of being outdoors.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gig Harbor to Point Defiance Park inTacoma

The Cushman Trail in Gig Harbor in southern Kitsap Peninsula the over the Narrows Bridge and on to Point Defiance Park is a great day outing. Often people get lost once they cross the bridge and have to take the road to the park.
Looping around the outer rim of the park is Five Mile Drive. The entire path is paved and has stopping points so you can take in the impressive views of the water, surrounding islands and landmasses, mountains, and the Narrows Bridge.
These gardens are free to enter and feature pools, a waterfall, a bridge, and lovely landscaped flowers and trees. At the center of the gardens is the Pagoda, a temple-inspired structure built in 1914
Fort Nisqually is a living history museum perfect for a family day out. Volunteers and staff members dress up as historical figures going about daily activities of the 1800s. We attended the Taste Of Tacooma and had bands and lots of food.

Cuenca, Ecuador

An Expat Destination The morning after returning to Quito we boarded an hour-long flight to Cuenca. Driving up the winding roads would have ...