"Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt" US Forest Sevice

Friday, September 23, 2016

Silverton, CO

Our fall week in Durango flew by with plenty of hiking trails to return and visit. We rode the bike path but preferred the side roads because some sections of the trail were pretty rough and not very well maintained.

X rock is a climbing area in Durango that had a geocache that we were interested in finding. Once we
got close to our location, the clouds and thunder rolled in. Fortunately, the clouds were
fast moving and the hail didn't last long as we found a place in the rocks to hunker
down. We did find the cache after the sky cleared.

The Durango-Silverton Railroad travels up and down the pass a few times a day.
We had considered taking the ride but the seats, which are benches, looked pretty
 uncomfortable for $45 per person. We also wanted to stop along the way and take a hike on the trails. Once we arrived at the top of Molas Pass, which took our breath away, rain and sleet
started down on us. It is only 45 miles to Silverton but the drive can take a while
with the twisting roads, construction and stopping to look at the views.

Probably the easiest geocache ever. Sorry about the spoiler...
The hike on Molas Pass, another section of the Colorado Trail, was breath taking. We didn't mind the sleet and wind too much.
The temperatures are in the upper 30s at night here now and would make for a chilly
night under the stars for a through hiker of the 430 miles of the Colorado Trail this time of year.

"Rock art" along Junction Creek

This gobbler came running and gobbling when he saw me taking pictures. I am not sure if he thought I had food or wanted me gone. I jumped on my bike and looked back. He looked a little sad.

The walls of Junction Creek Canyon

We steered clear of this hive.

We had another good hike on the Colorado Trail along Junction Creek past Gudy's Rest
for a  6 mile walk.

There were plenty of switchbacks to make the hike less steep and pleasant in the shade. You've got to love fall.
 This is definitely cowboy country.
It has been a fun 2 months visiting my home state of Colorado. Now we head across the state line.


  1. Great shots and can't believe I missed that B&B in Silverton. Thanks for the mention.

  2. Thanks for all of your posts on Colorado—we've not spent near enough time there, but we're planning to remedy that—perhaps next fall. We're thinking September is the perfect time to be there. Your hikes along the Colorado Trail are beautiful!

    1. We did enjoy our hikes and Sept sounds like a good time. I am glad we took the time and just explored around "home".

  3. Love CO. Hoping to workamp in Durango in the summer of 2018, would have been there this year but we need to be in IL.