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Monday, September 5, 2016

Bachelor Loop for rock hounds

The Creede Balloon Festival for Labor Day was right across the road from our camp ground at the airport which had a couple of planes outside and a couple in the hanger. There were 7 balloons and less than 100 people most of which were from the RV park. I really liked the small town atmosphere.  

After watching the balloons and having some breakfast, we headed out to try a hike to Phoenix Falls that our neighbor suggested. That didn't turn out so well due to narrow roads and bad directions. After backing down the hill so a lady could go down along a cliff to a stream, I voted to end that adventure. I think Mike was ok with that.
Once we got off that road, we decided to check out the Bachelor Loop Historic Tour. This 17-mile driving tour loops through Creede’s historic silver mining district and ghost towns. The tour’s first interpretive stop is just north of Creede in Willow Creek Canyon.

Part of the movie "The Lone Ranger" with Johnny Depp  was filmed here.

We took the hike up Humphrey's Mill after a couple we met at the first stop suggested it. There were numerous switchbacks to keep the grade not too difficult. Along the way, people had set out gems and crystals and other artifacts to look at. This was a big amethyst vein and plenty left to enjoy. There are signs saying not to take anything and it looks like people have been pretty good about it.

The old rail line from the Commodore Mine.

Plenty of cool rocks

The trail up to the mine had plenty of switchbacks to keep the incline down to "not too steep".

I wasn't sure if I would get Mike down with so many cool things and rocks to check out. 

Finally, we headed up the loop to see the other historical places.

The beaver pond showing fall coming
A fun stop for some geocaching. We had just missed the tour and the next was in an hour.

The mine is privately owned and has a couple of suites a person can stay in for a donation. The views were incredible.

Sometimes artists use this deck while they work.

Creede is such a nice small town with so much mining history and outdoor activities. After 24 hours, we were recognizing people we had seen on the trails or other places.

We are getting better at the geocaching with a few found around here.


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  1. You're cracking me up! We pretty much did the same things as you! But I don't know how I missed that great hike!