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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Creede and the gravity derby

We went into town to look for a geocache and found the Gravity Derby going on which was a real treat.
The Gravity Derby soapbox derby ran down Main Street which was blocked for the big event. The race was run on the downhill and clocked with the city's radar for speed. After a winner was declared at 22 mph, people took turns trying them out. Monday was the ATV rodeo next to where we were staying with mud and plenty of jumps.
What would the miners from way back when think of all of this?

People take this very seriously, well maybe not too serious.

The starting line at the top of the street.

Some pretty cute shops. Most of the town would close up at 2 pm each day except the two bars.

After some sitting on a bench, watching the big event and having some tea, we headed out to find what we had planned in the first place.
We hadn't finished all of the stops on the Bachelor Loop Tour the day before and had to visit the cemetery and church.

We were ready for some lunch after our running around and heard music coming from Kip's and headed over for some fish tacos. All weekend they had different performers playing. We had a good time listening to the tunes while we finished our drinks and watched the going ons.

Deep Creek Trail is 11 miles long. We made it 2.5 miles before we heard a crashing noise above us that sounded like a falling tree. The brush was getting higher and thicker and I was getting a bit uncomfortable. There were so many raspberries. All I could think was a bear's need for calories goes from 8,000 per day to 20,000 this time of year. All of those raspberries would be appealing to them. The bears might not appreciate the amount of those berries we were consuming.The wind kept changing direction, making the use of bear spray not so good. We called it a day 

Fall is definitely in the air.
This grave was at the trailhead for Deep Creek.
Heading over Wolf Creek Pass next. Hopefully, the wind won't be too bad as we make our exit. They  name their passes, overlooks and other things windy for a good reason.

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  1. OMG we found that exact same cache! We just missed the derby! Nice pics!