"Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt" US Forest Sevice

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sunriver, OR

We have been fortunate to have cool temps while here in Sunriver. This area is called the high desert and we were told that we were going to be hot as we were leaving the cool coast.
Sunriver has a network of bike paths and do not allow bikes on the streets.

This eagle's nest houses the parents and two offspring. As we were riding our bikes down the rode, I saw two people sitting along the road with their cameras. I had to see what they were looking for. (Mike calls me the "interrogator") This couple had been watching the family for 9 weeks and showed us some great pictures of the eagles landing . Their cameras on tripods with clickers were much better than mine.

It has been a busy two weeks here in central Oregon. We wanted to get another mountain bike ride in before leaving. Seeing some cross country ski trails that looked like they might be nice, we chose the  going up hill for 3 miles through some sandy single track before leveling out. At one point, I said I might be done. After sitting a bit and having some water, I realized if we turned around, our day would be over in 15 minutes riding downhill and was glad that we didn't turn around.

Paulina Lake had some nice chair to enjoy the cold drink we bought at the little store before starting the downhill.

Mike informed me that my front brake had been dragging as he was cleaning up the bikes after we returned home. Maybe, that is the reason I thought about turning around. I always check my brakes before taking off for a ride. I don't want a brake incident. This time I was checking them while he was messing with my odometer and he told me to stop. I may have not noticed the drag during my check but let's put it on him.

 Several people had told us to visit the High Desert Museum and the rainy weekend seemed like the perfect time.

Early mobile home
The Works Progressive Administration was a New Deal measure during the Depression that I was not aware.  It was a government attempt to employ a variety of artists, writers, and musicians so that the work they produced could help them make a living and enhance the quality of American life during the Great Depression. The WPA commissioned thousands of artists to observe the American scene; its people, its landscape, and its architecture, and capture through their brushstrokes and lenses, the life they were seeing.

There were many interesting exhibits with lighting and sounds to enhance the experience.



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. We really enjoyed our visit to OR last year and I'm looking forward to hearing about Sun Valley.

    1. We are excited to get to Sun Valley next week and look forward to seeing your trip to Colorado.

  2. Never realized OR had a high desert, since spending last winter in the desert we have a new affinity for the desert.

    1. High deserts are areas 4,000 feet and higher with an average annual precipitation of less than 10 inches. Temperatures range from 0 to 95 degrees, tending to be much colder. Very different with sage brush and yucca but dusty. We love the SW desert too.