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Friday, July 1, 2016

Lassen Volcanic National Park

There were too many pictures of the great time we had here to put in one post. Here goes part two.
We would get on the trails fairly early to avoid the late morning and afternoon crowds. Some of the people we would see on the trails later in the morning without water worried me. They didn't seem to  have any idea that they could have a problem and need help to get back. When we returned to the visitor's center, I asked a ranger if they had to rescue many people. He responded that they did quite frequently, mostly dehydration. A few days earlier, they had to fly a boy scout off Brokeoff
Mountain after he fell and fractured his leg. That is no easy hike. Before a helicopter can be allowed to enter the protected area, they have to have it cleared with the federal agency.

Sulfur Works boiling mud and steam vents near a short interpretive path loops around odoriferous steam vents, rumbling vents called fumaroles, and bubbling mud pots. The largest mud pot, about five feet across, is right next to the sidewalk.
It is a little hard to see the stream vent to the right.
Our hike to Mill Creek Waterfall was a lot of up and down but a good morning.

Fields of Mule's Ear flowers

A marmot was sunning himself during our hike to Mill Creek Waterfall. Mike heard a pica once but they are declining due to the warming temps. A hiker we met on a trail had seen a black bear earlier in the day. One night we woke to an unusual screeching critter sound.

Snow plants have no chlorophyll. it derives nutrition from fungi underneath the soil.

At night we would wake up at 2 or 3 am to look at the stars. There seemed to be millions once the moon went down and no light outside.

Did a little skiing in our shoes back down the hills


Chaos Crags Trail to Crag Lake. Once we got to the lake, the temperatures went up and  felt like we were walking on Mars in the volcanic dust and sand. There was no breeze as we climbed down in the areas of eruption. There are high school students that do research with NASA for credits in the area.

 We managed to hike 16 miles of trails during our days in Lassen to put a small dent in the many trails available.
We were living without hookups but at the park store there were showers that cost 6 quarters for 3 minutes that were pretty handy. Mike was getting ready to shower when he heard two boys around 11 years old discussing that if they hurried and took turns with one shower, they would have $1.50 to spend in the store on a treat. They got all ready and took turns jumping in the shower. I bet they
told their parents they felt grungy the next day and needed another shower.

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  1. Funny story about the boys and the shower money! I wonder if the screeching critter you heard was an owl?