"Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt" US Forest Sevice

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Heceta Lighthouse and Florence, Oregon

Driving north on I-5 we repeatedly climbed at least 3 summits in 30 minutes and then went back down to climb the next. Turning towards the coast had us on some winding roads. It takes hardy drivers on these roads. Leaving the warm temps inland and heading to the coast made us rethink our apparel and pulled out the jackets. The wind blows so hard at time along the rugged coast that many of the trees grow leaning towards the inland.


Lighthouse keeper's home is now a B&B with rates in the $200-400 range per night including a 7 course breakfast. It was nice to stroll by and see the visitors.

We took a drive 12 miles up Highway 1 along the ocean to Heceta Lighthouse which was quite winding and beautiful. Once we hiked up to the lighthouse, we listened to one of the volunteers give us a tour and explain about the different light patterns of each of the lighthouses along the coast. They have different patterns of blinking so sailors could know which part of the coast they were if it was foggy. We hiked along the Oregon Coastal Trail through a heavily wooded area lined with plenty of berry bushes until we heard a thunk. Bears had been sighted in the area and I voted to end the hike.


The Siuslaw River flows 110 miles through Oregon and joins the Pacific Ocean just beyond the town of Florence.
We have been staying in Thousand Trails Resorts some of the time. They seem to be getting better as we travel north. Here at South Jetty Resort, we are nestled in the moss covered redwoods with the Oregon Dunes just up the road.
As we walked along the Oregon Dunes, two cyclist were carrying their bikes over the dunes to place their rear wheels in the ocean after riding the northern route across the US from Boston Harbor over 55 days. One of the cyclist said climbing the sand dunes carrying bike was harder than any of the ride they had done.

The four wheelers on the dunes looked like a good time.

Walking up the Siuslaw River near where it enters the Pacific Ocean we found some jellyfish during high tide.

Old Town Florence

 I seem to be having bathroom issues. While walking around Florence, I stopped at a porta pot along the road. I thought I locked it but a gust of wind came up and blew the door open as a car pulled up in front and parked. I waved as I shut the door and gave them a little time to be on their way. No wonder my kids were mortified when they had to go places with me when they were young.


  1. What a gorgeous place! I have to admire the cyclists and their 55 days across the country. Wow! I laughed at your porta pot story. Oh my this is what would happen to me too I'm sure. :)

    1. That was an impressive ride. They were both very fit and in their 20s. It is very beautiful along the coast.

  2. What beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Seems like you recovered gracefully from your porta potty incident. Hilarious that you waved! :-) The Oregon Coast is so beautiful—and when it's hot inland, it's sure to be cool (even chilly!) on the beach.