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Thursday, February 4, 2016

It snowed on us in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree is made up of the  Colorado Desert which part of the Sonoran Desert and Mojave Desert. The vegetation is very different without Saguaros.

Grinding was done here. I could imagine the ladies working away.

The amazing geological formations were formed by molten liquid, heated by the continuous movement of Earth’s crust, oozed upward and cooled while still below the surface.

They grew some interesting rocks out here.

Skull Rock

A wealthy rancher from Montana, J.D. Ryan's ranch to supply food for the workers for his gold mine.

I had to put the coyote in after Mike followed him determined to get a picture.

Looks like it might fall if I kick the rock holding everything up.
There were so many short interesting  hikes. We would imagine being "back in the day" as we walked.

Cattle grazed throughout the park from the 1870s until 1945. The cattle companies located springs, dug wells, and developed rainwater impoundments called “tanks,” which can be seen today at places like Barker Dam.
The cattle's water troughs.


I have a hard time being the driver as we go through the wind farms. They were all moving and mesmerizing, I was watching them instead of the road. Good thing I was off driving duty.

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