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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Colorado and back

January thru March is harvest season for the citrus fruit in Arizona. Since the rain hadn't stopped in a while, we decided to check out the local produce growers and then went home and picked a grapefruit.
We actually stopped for the cinnamon roll with orange frosting.

A local tourist place here in the valley is Organ Stop Pizza. It was still raining so decided to check it out since it was still raining.

I call it Chucky Cheese for old people.

 A Wurlitzer pipe organ which was originally built for Grauman’s Hollywood Egyptian Theater. This unique concept of a pizza parlor with a pipe organ. It was actually quite entertaining. The pizza not that great.

Our flight to Denver was $37 each way but then they made us pay extra for a seat.

I missed the holidays with the boys and decided to fly home for the weekend. It was time for a little yoga.

It was good to get outside for a bit even if the temps were pretty chilly.

Brother love.

Kyle loves a good snowball fight. He got grandpa pretty good.

Yes, they made us tired. So lad we got to spend time with them.

As soon as I took this picture, they were wrestling on the floor.

The Four Peaks were shinning in the sunshine when we returned to our little home in Arizona.

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