"Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt" US Forest Sevice

Friday, February 5, 2016

Indian Canyon

Fifteen miles long, Palm Canyon is one of great beauty. Its indigenous flora and fauna, which the Cahuilla people so expertly used and its abundant California Fan Palm are breathtaking contrasts to the stark rocky gorges and barren desert lands. A moderately graded, foot path winds down into the canyon near the stream. 

While walking through the oasis, we would get lost in our thoughts and imagine the natives enjoying the cool breezes through the canyon.

After hiking along the stream, we returned on the Victor Trail on the ridge above the canyon.
Still plenty of snow in the mountains after the Sunday storm.

A scenic foot trail leads through the canyon passing groves of  palms, unusual rock formations and the perennial Andreas Creek.  could still see bedrock mortars and metates used centuries ago for preparing food.

Had to try out the Carne Asada and green chili. Two thumbs up from us.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

It snowed on us in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree is made up of the  Colorado Desert which part of the Sonoran Desert and Mojave Desert. The vegetation is very different without Saguaros.

Grinding was done here. I could imagine the ladies working away.

The amazing geological formations were formed by molten liquid, heated by the continuous movement of Earth’s crust, oozed upward and cooled while still below the surface.

They grew some interesting rocks out here.

Skull Rock

A wealthy rancher from Montana, J.D. Ryan's ranch to supply food for the workers for his gold mine.

I had to put the coyote in after Mike followed him determined to get a picture.

Looks like it might fall if I kick the rock holding everything up.
There were so many short interesting  hikes. We would imagine being "back in the day" as we walked.

Cattle grazed throughout the park from the 1870s until 1945. The cattle companies located springs, dug wells, and developed rainwater impoundments called “tanks,” which can be seen today at places like Barker Dam.
The cattle's water troughs.


I have a hard time being the driver as we go through the wind farms. They were all moving and mesmerizing, I was watching them instead of the road. Good thing I was off driving duty.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Palm Springs, CA

A rain storm was coming over the mountains with a rainbow.

The winds were pretty fierce at times and snow on the mountains.

Relaxing after a day of hiking. What a treat living in a condo with two bathrooms, a full kitchen and bathtub after living in our trailer for the past 8 months. I will be happy when we get back but this is pretty nice.
When we got to Palm Springs, I had gotten pretty sick and found an urgent care for a respiratory thing. The pollution in Phoenix was difficult to deal with for 4 months. Since I was still a bit under the weather and rain was in the forecast for Sunday, we opted for a short 2 mile hike up Tahquitz Canyon along the San Andreas Fault.

 When we would see all of these boulders our thoughts would go to the "Big One".

You can find pictures of Jim Morrison of the Doors swimming in the Tahquitz waterfall if you google it. There was much more water in the pool then.

The Cahuilla tribe had villages in this area 1600 years ago. Inn the 70's hippies were living in the canyon and left lots of trash and controversy.
After hiking the canyon, we decided to check out the Museum which was quite interesting.

A replica of the Agua Caliente Indians. It makes our home seem mighty big.

Rainbows and sunsets

Since we were waiting for the rain, we ran over to the street fair in Palm Desert. It reminded me of the Mesa Market in AZ.
Dates were everywhere due to all of the date palms. I will have to try a date shake before we leave.

A couple of ladies from long ago remembered on the sidewalks.
It takes you back to a different time and is fun to see how the retro feel has been preserved.

The rain came while we were having a great Vietnamese lunch at Pho Vu. You can't beat a good noodle bowl.