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Friday, July 22, 2016

Heading to Idaho

We left Sunriver in the much needed heavy rain and could have spent much more time in this fabulous state but Idaho is calling. It was nice driving down Highway 20 through the farm country and stopped after 260 miles in a small town near the Idaho border. Having great WIFI and several channels of TV made us feel like we had hit the big time after a over a month of little or none. We watched for a little bit and realized nothing was on. The lady at the front desk was so pleasant and $30 a night was not bad.

 After a day of driving through farm country, we took a walk through town to look at the murals . We probably should have waited until the sun went down since the temps were in the upper 90s.

     Vale was the first stop in Oregon for travelers on the Oregon Trail just 12 miles from the border. The Mural Trail along the streets of Vale depict the early days of the Oregon Trail.

Love these little libraries full of children's books.

Just south of Vale is Keeney Pass, an interpretive site where the Oregon Trail wagon ruts are still visible.

The temp cooled down quite a bit after the sun went down and moon came up as the people came out of their air conditioned RVs to enjoy the evenng.

We find the farm country has its own beauty with the wheat and onions growing. Our country is so diverse and amazing.

On to Idaho and the Sawtooth Range.