"Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt" US Forest Sevice

Friday, September 8, 2017

Hiking in the Black HIlls

Lots hills to climb

On our way back to Colorado, we didn't want to drive the entire way without a stop. The Black Hills was a good stopping point with so many hiking options. It was hard to decide where to begin. Every trail we took was a climb, hence the name Black Hills. We were staying a couple of miles outside of Custer, we started with a nearby trail.

Big Rock Park

In the town of Custer is Big Rock Park with Custer Skywalk. Trail with 55 steps to an overlook of the mountains and spires. Once we got to the top, we could only make out a shadow of the mountains because of the smoke. But it was still a good walk.

Once we reached the top, there were more stairs to climb. The smoke was still heavy from the Montana fires. 

The Willow Trail

The next day we drove north to hike the Black Elk National Forest and do some geocaching since there were 11 on this trail.

Mike had to climb for this geocache. My legs were a little (a lot) too short.

Sylvan Lake

It was a beautiful morning as we headed by Sylvan Lake to the Sunday Gulch Trail. It was Sunday after all. This trails had many boulders to climb over.

Sunday Gulch Trail

This trail was for walking under a boulder.

This narrow tunnel was for driving through one vehicle at a time. Our mirrors almost touched the edges.

The Cathedral Spires

Raspberries all along the trail were tasty.
We could hear the climber calling to each other while climbing the side of the giant rocks.

Heading to Harney Peak we made a wrong turn but managed to get back on track. Sometimes GPS and a map don't work.

The Black Hills are a real treasure. We could see ourselves returning since we missed many places we would like to explore.


  1. We really enjoyed the Black Hills, but did not allocate near enough time to explore. You're doing it right! Thanks for sharing what we missed.

  2. WOW..y'all got a good bun workout with all those steps...lol
    The photos of Sylvan Lake are gorgeous. Added Black Hills to our "must see" list.

    1. You will be glad if you spend time there. Everything does go up in those hills.

  3. You guys did some serious hiking,,,The Black Hills is one of our most favorite places we have been...thanks for sharing what we haven't done there.

  4. Interesting factoid - Harney peak is the tallest peak east of the Rockies

  5. Despite the smoke, you guys got in some really good hikes. With lots of stairs! The guys with the long legs definitely have the advantage. But I get in more steps on my pedometer at the end of the day, haha!! Black Hills, on our list.