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Monday, November 14, 2016

Riding with the Snowbirds

We enjoy cycling around Arizona in the fall and winter and the road to Usery Park is one of our favorites with just enough climbing, not a lot of traffic and a restroom before turning around.  Frequently, we find nice people at the visitor's center to visit with while refilling the trusty water bottles. A nice couple of snowbirds from Minnesota invited us to join a group that they ride with during the season. We had a date and time and showed up to meet some very nice, welcoming people.

Thursdays, Mesa sponsers a concert with a food truck and giveaways. We took a scenic 20 mile ride along some quiet back roads, had some lunch while listening to the tunes. Once the giveaways were done, we headed back into a pretty strong wind for 10 miles. Those were a bit tough towards the end of the 30 mile ride but we made it with a little drafting from our friends.

The Snowbirds have a nice website and plenty of routes. We plan to hookup with them again soon.

We have spent time in AZ the past few years and I won't be sharing a lot about our time here this time.
AZ has had record heat this fall. Now that it is cooling down, it was time for another hike along Saguaro Lake.

While walking, we heard eagles calling and followed the sound and found these two sitting just across the water. Later, There were two more joining them as they sailed across the lake. 

An easy walk along the shore.

Our "honey do" list is getting shorter as we prepare for the holidays and a ski trip in Colorado this winter. For now though, we are enjoying the week in Peoria in a beautiful condo as we get warranty work done on the trailer. We didn't realize how much we would forget to pack when we dropped off the trailer but I bet we will be fine without my flip flops.

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  1. It is definitely challenging to have to temporarily pack up and move out of our traveling homes! Glad to hear that you are making progress on your "to do" list. We still have a long way to go. The biking looks like fun in Mesa.