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Monday, October 31, 2016

Mesa, AZ Happy Halloween!

We returned to Mesa, AZ again this fall but to Valley Del Oro this time. Cal Am has a special, we pay for one month and get to stay up to four (Sept-Jan 1) for the same price. The resorts are very nice with more than enough to do while we get our "honey do" list done.  We had hit the road pretty hard this summer without staying in one place for very long and were thankful for the down time for a while. Arriving in October, it is pretty empty right now and the temps pretty warm which is fine for a little while. We have met some interesting people already that are also here for the special and been playing some cards, pickleball and pool.

We have been here four weeks and already getting the itch to hit the road but still have plenty of things we have to accomplish before heading back to Colorado to ski.

The bumper is all better.

Premier is repainting the sun damage from the sun. We have gotten some medical and dental stuff done. Now that the weather has cooled down, we get to ride our bikes again. Hurray! Maybe, we can start hiking soon.

Valle Del Oro has the ballroom all decorated for the Halloween party tonight.

This is not a bad way to spend a little time. Just not too long.


  1. You are just down the road from us. Happy Halloween!

  2. We seem to be working our way east each year. So glad it is cooling down.

  3. Yep, staying put for a bit feels good after many months of traveling. We're still in the midst of a mountain of stuff to do in our hometown. Looks like a fun Halloween party!

    1. It was a good time. Our mountain of stuff is looking better each week.