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Monday, May 30, 2016

Leo Carrillo Ranch

We had been reading a book about the movie industry of the 1930s when Greg Welch, a friend of Mike's from Vermont suggested that we visit the Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad. Leo was the actor that play Pancho in Cisco Kid movies in the 1930s.  He purchased the ranch and entertained his Hollywood friends there. The next day was the Wild West Fest and we headed over to check it out.

Leo loved peacocks and many are still around the grounds.

It was fun to imagine the parties with Will Rodgers, Clark Gable and Carole Lombarde. Leo would bring in trailers for his guests. I guess he could move them when he was ready for the people to leave.

 Blue Agave

Counting down with 2 weeks left before we head down the road. The traffic, scary drivers and gloomy weather will not be missed. We had a little more skin cancer taken care of with a little nip and tuck. After getting hit with the ugly stick, I got a lopsided haircut. Maybe she was thrown off by the swollen face. Once the sutures are out, we can hit the road.
People at work have been more than glad to point out to me that Morley Safer died a few days after retiring. He was 84 years old is my response. Better not take any chances and wait that long.

Deedee's, Leo's wife, house for her art projects.

Fancy sunken tile tub

When we got home, I watched an episode of the Cisco Kid on line. It was pretty hokey.

Caretaker's home for the 4500 acre cattle ranch. 
The Flying LC Ranch brand.
We always appreciate a tip of places to see or things to do.


  1. What a cool place! It's something we would enjoy next time we make the trek to southern California. Is the cactus with the enormous white flower real?? Can't believe you have only two weeks left before you take off on your new life adventure!

    1. It was a real cactus. The grounds were interesting with some good stories told by docents.