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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tumacacori and Tubac Art Festival

It has been three weeks since I finished my last contract in Mesa, AZ.  We had planned to visit the art festival in Tubac and decided since Tumacacori was just a couple more miles down the road and 19 miles north of Nogales, why not stop in.
The docent was interesting as she shared the stories about the Hohokam and Apache Indians and Jesuit missionaries from Spain.
As we entered the sanctuary, a recording of monks singing was playing and softly echoing through the sanctuary.

The cemetery and house with an open roof where the dying were brought.

Wishing well in Tubac.

 Located in the Santa Cruz River Valley, Tubac, AZ has a 250-year-old Spanish history. In 1752, Juan Bautista de Anza was appointed as the commandant to the Presidio at Tubac after leading a group 1200 miles from Mexico to  San Francisco.

Mike liked the Dirty Redhead Beer from a local brewery.

I wish I had the artist's names to give them credit but they were amazing.

Cool road signs

We find ourselves shaking our heads that we have been fortunate enough to be able to see all of these wonderful places and taste so many different food. I don't know how we have managed it but things just seem to work out for us. I am so glad that we started our adventure 14 years ago instead of waiting for someday. We know many people who have not been lucky enough live this many years or have the health to live the life we have. I know it will end or at least change someday. For now I am enjoying every minute of it.

Another amazing artist.

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