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Friday, February 12, 2016

Bear Canyon's Seven Falls

Temperatures have been unseasonably warm in the 80s. If we were going for a longer hike, we had to set the alarm clock for 6 am since Sabino Canyon is 45 minutes with morning traffic from where we are staying.
It was a perfect sunny day with a temp of 50 degrees when we started. Many people heading up Sabino Canyon dressed very warmly as we headed to Bear Canyon. We were in the shade most of the hike up and had to peel off a layer by the time we got to the top.

We crossed the creek seven times without falling in too many times. A couple of weeks ago, the creek was impassable unless you just waded through the water to get across.

Talk about a payoff for a hike. The air was cool and peaceful sounds of the falls. Of course, some crazy college students were swimming in a very cold pool and made us laugh.

The brittlebush likes the warm sunny side of the slopes and have started blooming with the warm days. I am looking forward to watching the desert bloom over the next two months.

Behind Mike is a shear drop and more waterfalls. What a nice place to rest and cool down before returning. As we set off back down the path, the sun was higher with less shade and many people coming up the path. It was pretty warm when we got back to the trailhead and we just sat in the shade for a bit before heading home.

As we travel, I find groups to practice my Spanish in conversational groups or classes. I spent time with a nice group of people this week and realize my Spanish will always be asi asi or so so.  I understand EspaƱol but the speaking gives my brain a strain. It can be intimidating but they will probably never see me again. If they remember me, it will be "that poor nurse that tried so hard".

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