"Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt" US Forest Sevice

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Shaking off the crazy at Wave Cave and Queen Creek Olive Mill

It has been chilly here in the valley causing flight delays at Sky Harbor Airport until the sun came up and melted the frost off the planes.
We are headed to the mountain on the left, part of the way up is Wave Cave near Gold Canyon.

The cave is on the lower right hand corner. The was air brisk and sun shining.

We weren't really sure this was the trail and followed the cairns hoping someone wasn't tricking us.

The state has closed some of the areas on the way here due to ATVs and people tearing up the public land so badly. This side of the road is so nice and part of the Peralta Wilderness.
We were asked by a non hiking couple, if we had problems with all of the wild animals or if we were afraid while in the wilderness. The city can be more scary  than out here to us.

This is a trail?

My job as a nurse gets a bit crazy at times on different levels in critical care. I just need the fresh air and exercise to bring it all back to ok.

Looks like a moonscape to us.
Our visits to the Olive Mill in Queen Creek reminds us of our time in Italy.

The old olive press

We mostly go for the food that is so good but probably not that good for us. Eating too many olives can make me very thirsty.

The time goes quickly on a 13 week contract. We have to get to the list to see and do all  the things before time runs out and we move on. We have been fortunate to spend time in this part of Arizona several times and it would be easy to go to the same places we enjoyed in the past. It takes a conscious effort to do new things and see new places but well worth it.
It has been nice to go to the hot tub in the evening or sit by the fire and watch the stars. Often, we are the only people there.