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Friday, October 30, 2015

A hike in Usery is good for my soul

After a week of classes and working on computer competencies, I was ready for a much needed hike. Usery County Park is nearby. The temps are much better so a noon start was fine for a hike. Also, there weren't many people out there.
I like my job but the sitting through orientation is wearing and I don't behave as well as I  probably should. I find myself pacing and trying to listen. I closed my eyes for a bit to listen to a program on the computer today. When I opened them, the test was blinking. I guess I missed the lesson. Good thing there is a back arrow. 

There was such a nice breeze while we were walking and the clouds would drift over and cool us. My soul felt so much better.

The jumping chollas had a funky fruit hanging from them.

We had the worse hard mattress. Mike had tried a comfort foam and it was too soft. So we ordered one and it just right. It came rolled up in a box and once it rolled out and expanded it was just the right size.

One day last week, we took a bike ride from Fountain Hills to Rio Verde. The road has rolling hills which were good for a our legs after some time off the bikes.

After the ride, we stopped at the Euro Café and had a "mean" calzone and salad with a beer and watched the fountain go off a few times. It is set to erupt every hour for 15 minutes.

Lots of nice sculptures in Fountain Hills. We don't usually stop as we drive to McDowell Regional Park. Glad we did this time.

Looks like someone broke into this tortoise's house and ate him.