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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Redfish Lake

We had planned to leave Idaho after 5 days before we arrived. During a bike ride, we both decided about the same time that was too short of a time and decided to cancel some of our plans. Driving to Stanley and Redfish Lake for the day seemed too little time to do the place justice.
Steam off the lake during an early morning walk
We took a chance and drove up into the mountains hoping to find a walkup
site. The status board as we drove in said all of the campgrounds were full in the Redfish Lake area.
We drove to the first campground on Little Redfish Lake anyway and found a vacancy sign. There were a couple of sites without reservation tags on them. I walked up to speak with the host while Mike waited for me. A man was already talking to her and said he wanted #4 which was beautiful along the river with plenty of shade. The camp host told him to get parked in a spot before someone took it and she would check him in once he was set up. I turned around and Mike had parked in #4 and had staked his claim before I got back. I don't think we made any friends but the host commented that was a good move on Mike's part. It was the prettiest spot on the river with shade. I was just glad to not have to find a place to boondock and the other people got a site across the road.

Our great campsite
After lunch we rode our bikes to Redfish (named after the sockeye salmon which migrated clear up here to spawn before the dams were built) Lake which has a great beach that was packed.
We were so glad to be in a quiet place on the smaller lake with 13 campsites. The host mentioned that
they needed more hosts for the season and how we could check it out. We were tempted but had things we needed to get done in Colorado and we had already changed our plans to include this instead of Utah.

Loved this little song. Maybe my mantra.
I saw this guy on an early morning walk and one evening across the river from our camp.

Sandhill Cranes are among the oldest living bird species on earth.

We would watch the osprey fishing on Little Redfish Lake and saw him flying up the river past our camp carrying a fish one evening. 

On our first morning at Little Redfish Lake I woke in time to watch the sun come up and ran into two bucks having  morning snack. Later, we headed over to Stanley 8 miles up the road to The Bakery after a couple of people said we had to try it out. I had the tasty breakfast burrito with black beans, spinach and sweet potatoes(which gave it a great sweet flavor). The toast and jam that Mike had with his eggs were so tasty. Maybe it is the mountain air.
This little guy slipped by as we were watching the sun set.

Idaho has so many natural hot springs. We decided to check out Boat Box Hot Springs 3 miles north of Stanley since we were nearby. We brought our swimsuits along and drove 3 miles north on Highway 75. We watched for the steam coming up from the river and pulled over to a small turnout, climbed down the rocks on the side of the hill and prepared to jump in.

I preferred the small rock formed tubs beside the river. It was easier to regulate the temperature by swishing the hot or cold water when needed.

There is a plug in the bottom of the tub so you can empty it before getting in and refill it with the spring runoff. A bucket was on the side to use the cool river water to make the temperature more tolerable temp since the spring is 135 degrees out of the ground.

There was no place to change so we improvised. I tried to be a little more discrete than Mike by using a towel and changing under it. We managed to get the job done. As I was taking this picture a pickup with Law Enforcement drove by. He just looked forward to ignore us. I guess he didn't want to deal with this situation.

Watching the sun go down over the Sawtooth Mountains