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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Manzanita Lake

We have driven through Northern California and thought it would be nice to visit Lassen Volcano National Park but had no real idea what to expect. It far exceeded any expectations that we may have had. We pulled into our reserved spot which turned out to be too snug. The camp host told us to look in B loop and see if there was something we would like there. We found a nice pull thru that we stayed in for 6 nights. Most of the time we like full hookups but the solar kept our
battery 3/4 full all of the time.
 Manzanita Lake was so peaceful with eagles and osprey in the trees. The temps were in the 40s at night and 70s in the day.We only had Verizon service while hiking high in the mountains so we could check and see if all was well with our
families. It was so quiet and peaceful with the breezes thru the trees.

 The Devestation area where the avalanche came thru after the eruption in 1915.


The cascades were on our hike to Paradise Meadows which was a suggested hike by a couple from Redding that were up for the day to cool down after temps near 100 degrees. We appreciated the suggestion since there were too many trails to choose from. When
we got above the meadow the breeze blowing over the mountain snow felt like air conditioning. The sun can get pretty intense.

The trailhead to Bumpass Hell was closed due to too much snow. This rock had been moved here after the avalanche.

Helen Lake and the crazy blue water.The deep blue color is due to the minerals present in it and its depth which reaches 110 ft.

There are nine seismographs in the park with this being the first by Mr. Loomis. We didn't feel any rumbling.