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Monday, August 15, 2016

Lake Dillon, Colorado

We were glad to be back in Summit County and Lake Dillon after our extended stay in Idaho and the extra driving we had done. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place. Heaton Bay is one of the federal campgrounds surrounding the lake. There are only 11 with electric and water. We were good spending a week dry camping there at $9 per night with our pass. The sites along the water are my favorite but those and the ones with hookups fill the quickest. Frisco's Safeway is just 1 mile away which is pretty handy. Dillon is just across the dam 3 miles away. 
While traveling, medical and dental issues come up and we try to deal with them the best we can. I started having a painful tooth and made an appointment with my dentist in Colorado Springs  driving the two hours down from the mountains. The morning of my appointment the office called and canceled me due to an injury dentist had but would reschedule me the next week. I declined and decided to try and find someone in Summit County. I  found a dentist that was a preferred provider for my insurance that could see me the next day. (score!) When I arrived, I was informed that I would have to pay for the visit and submit it to my insurance myself since they were not familiar with my insurance. She fixed my tooth with a filling and I paid $450.  Mike called the insurance company the next day to find out why this office was listed as a provider. The insurance lady said the office had called and verified my eligibility and were required to accept the rate on which they had agreed. While he waited on the phone, the insurance lady called the office and insisted that they fax over the billing information and we would be reimbursed the amount I was not required to pay. I am good with paying for the work that was done. I just don't want to be swindled in the process.
Saturday, we headed west to Copper Mountain to watch the Copper Triangle Bike Ride. Mike had ridden the 80 miles over 3 mountain passes a couple of years ago. The weather can be volatile with lightening and rain storms popping up in the afternoons. Most people are out at a chilly sunrise.

Peeping at the osprey across the lake. At least, that is what he said.


Summit County has numerous bike trails connecting the mountain communities. We rode east 13 miles to Keystone and found a Bluegrass and Beer Festival going on. There were several venues around the village to enjoy.

We had planned to return home for lunch when we set out on our ride. But we found ourselves hungry after listening to the music and hanging around longer than we had planned. A lady walked by with some good looking giant crepes. We had to  indulge and share one before starting back after riding up towards Montezuma.

There has been a nest of osprey on the lake for a number of years. We have enjoyed watching and listening to their calls on our morning walks as the parents bring fish for the family.

Riding  west up Ten Mile Canyon between Frisco and Copper Mountain

Not a bad place to awaken in the morning.

An old mine on our Meadow Creek hike.

 I found  interesting about this trail is that it passes through an Aspen Forest, a mostly dying Lodgepole Forest from the pine beetles, open Sagebrush meadows, and a mixed Fir forest.   Toss in a few lovely views of Lake Dillon and you have a very nice outing.

Lily Pad Lake with Buffalo Mountain in the background has less lily pads than in the past  but the pond just beyond has plenty to enjoy.

There are two chances to view Dillon Reservoir as we walk along Meadow Creek but no moose today. This was a good way to wrap up our week here.

As we were packing up to move to Breckenridge, I decided to go to the local Emergency Room to see if they could help with the salmon bone that stuck in the corner of my throat during dinner the night before and driving me crazy.  Fortunately, the ER doc was able to contact the local ENT MD and he came over pronto to fix me up with his handy scope and a little fishing expedition. I was thankful he was nearby and willing to see me or I would have had to go to Denver, two hours away.
On to Breck!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Summit County and Lake Dillon in Colorado

We enjoy Summit County in the winter for skiing, hiking and cycling in the summer. There are several National campgrounds around the lake but Heaton Bay is our favorite. Safeway is a couple of miles away in the town of Frisco. The bike trail runs along side the campground. You can ride to Vail, Keystone or Breckenridge.
An evening of kayaking on Lake Dillon.
Riding our bikes from Frisco to Copper Mountain and on to the top of Vail Pass.
The hike is out of Breckenridge up Boreas Pass and beautiful.
After rain and lightening every afternoon, the weather is warming up which sends us looking for shade. Back to Colorado Springs for a couple of weeks while we finish up our jobs before heading out further.