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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cycling in the countryside

Cycling in the Countryside

Our previous day of bike riding made us realize we needed expert help to ride these backroads. The map we had showed the busiest routes and the back roads wind so much, we would get confused as to which direction we were going.
We stopped in at Bikeworks Bike Shop which had some very nice ride sheets with good directions and sights to see along the way. I mentioned that I did not want to ride more than 30 miles since  I had no idea how hilly the route would be. He suggested the 28 mile "Camels and Cravings" route which we enjoyed very much.
We decided to do this ride on Sunday. Everything in town would be closed. And there should be much less traffic with the Rhubarb Festival over and most of the people would be in church in the morning.

There were lots of carriages on the roads and many families walking to church.


Shoemaker's Mill built in 1766 which is now a B&B was our first stop.

Belmont Bridge had a candy dispenser with corn in it. For 25 cents, a person could buy treats for the ducks in the creek below the bridge. The bridge was constructed in 1845 at the cost of $933.

The Amish church had buggy parking and a place for the horses. We could hear the echo of the preacher as we rode by.

Miller's organic farm has a camel dairy. They are milked twice a day. If they get a new caretaker, they won't give milk until they build trust. The milk is sold for $10 a pint. Some claim the camel's milk is good for diabetes and autism.

These guys were mean, spitting and biting at each other. I guess that justifies the $10 a pint.
The tour buses were driving the same roads that we were riding.
These hardworking mules seemed happy that it was Sunday

 The cool overcast clouds made the day great for a ride even with the "essence of dairy farm" which was strong at times. We also had to be alert to the horse apples in the road. Slipping in horse poop could be hazardous.
 We hear the Mennonite owned Lapp Dairy has some great Black Walnut ice cream. Too bad it was Sunday.
We stopped by the Ridge Road Amish School where the students speak not only English but PA Dutch.  
 The phone booth where Detective John Book made a phone call in the movie Witness.
On to New York's Adirondacks