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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Crawford Notch, New Hampshire

Returning to New Hampshire

We had driven through Crawford Notch six weeks ago while heading to Maine and thought it would be a good place to spend more time in the future if we got the chance. We got the chance and took it staying a campground in the White Mountains without internet or TV reception. It was raining hard the first day we arrived. There were too many hiking trails to choose from and just a few miles up the road from us. Once the rain broke, we headed out.
Someone took some time and effort collecting rocks to make some rock art along the Saco River Trail.

 Wiley House family homestead

We were able to combine trails to make a good hike with elevation climbs of 1000 feet in a mile.

Tough Frankenstein Cliffs hike

 The road goes through the bottom of the Notch which means the trails all go up. But they were pleasant walks with nice payoffs of views and waterfalls. There were plenty of boulders and slick roots which made us appreciate the hiking poles keeping us upright.
 What a great treat as we reached the summit.

This was a good stop for us to spend some time before heading out west again.


Crawford Rail Station at the trailhead

The top is where we had the view.

Appalachian Trail is so steep and traverses the summit of these mountains. 

One more waterfall, Riley Falls

We have spent the past 6 weeks in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine and have not seen a single moose. I guess, we were sleeping in.