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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Chatfield Resevior

It wasn't too difficult leaving Summit County, even if we did have a washer and dryer at our fingertips. I was excited to see my grandsons, Kyle and Tyler. They seem more grown up every time we see them. We headed out by 9:30 after packing and moving everything back into the trailer from the condo. The 90 mile drive was slow going up to Eisenhower Tunnel and then easy downhill to Chatfield. We were all setup by the time the rain and lightening started.

The view across the lake in the mornings from our campsite.
Slocum Cabin for the trappers of the 1800s along the bike path overlooking the lake.

One fat great horned owl

We started our bike ride to the Audubon Center with the intention of riding up Waterton Canyon. The Center's building was closed and a singletrack we hadn't ridden before was beaconing us. It was an easy rolling path along the North Platte River. At one point, I noticed we were going right through a thick patch that looked like poison ivy. I don't know if it was but we didn't get a rash. Thank goodness. 
Chatfield is such a nice place to spend some time with all its trails and close proximity to the city. We usually enjoy riding along the North Platte River into Denver or just stopping by the coffee shop at Hudson Gardens.  It would have been nice to spend more time in the area but a bit too warm for us and we had things to take care of in Colorado Springs.

Kyle is ready to hit the water.
It was a toasty day, perfect for some time on the lake. Kyle had a good time chasing minnows and riding on the paddleboard while his dad took him around.

Tyler loved the kayaking. I think his arms were tired after taking a few trips around the lake.

What a good weekend with a couple of good guys.

Adios Three Amigos!