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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bayfield, Wisconsin and the Apostle Islands

While on our rest day after returning from Madeline Island, we decided to check out the local orchards and farms.

We haven't had TV, phone or much internet service since we left Hinkley, Minnesota. We find places like the Fat Radish for lunch and use their WIFI or a local library that is a cute old home.
Erickson's had two white haired ladies selling apple cider donuts and apple cookies with raisins, nuts and maple frosting that were so big we bought one to share. Then we spent the next day wishing we had another.

Mike thought that we should bike thru the country since it was only 10 miles. I suggested we drive and check it out in case we wanted to buy something. Good thing. The hills reminded me of those in Seattle. Up and down then up again. This was supposed to be a rest day.

Apple picking doesn't start for another week. I bet we find some along the way.

We had seen the ice caves that people walked out to in the winter on the news last year and decided to check it out. There were only about 10 days last winter that people could get out to them.  Parking would be backed up so far that they had to walk 5 miles before reaching the path for 1 mile to the caves after reported by the  national news. Locals started shuttles to haul people out and make a little cash.

The rain cleared and fog lifted so we could paddle but the wind was 15 mph and water pretty choppy.


We had a guide, Stephanie, that took good care of us and another couple for the day. Lake Superior is way over our heads.  
The eagles would fly over our heads when we came out of the caves.


After paddling 10.5 miles and hiking 2.5 miles (I thought we signed up for the 4 miles trip) we were tired people and glad to be back.

Some of the caves were so low you had to bend down and push to get thru. I didn't think we could get thru oone since it was so low that we went around.

We made it to Sand Island

It was a nice shady walk to the lighthouse. Our guide said the bugs had not been bad this year but were usually quite bad.

The blueberries are fuzzy in this picture but quite tasty.

After hanging out at the light house and enjoying our picnic that Stephanie brought, we headed back to our kayaks.

We had to check out the caves again on the way back.

We were glad that it was a cool start to the morning since we had wet suits and spray skirts that got pretty warm on the way back in the afternoon.
We heard this was the place for brats and cheese. We got the award winner and were smiling after we grilled those puppies up.

So glad we drove over the Ashland to check it out. 

This evening when we got back home,  our neighbor had his guitar out playing some nice tunes. We enjoyed just watching the sunset, listening to him. Maybe the raccoons will stay off our grill tonight. They leave such muddy footprints.