"Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt" US Forest Sevice

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Niagara Falls, NY

The Grand Finale of falls

We never stopped at Niagara Falls in our trips across New York in the past. This time we were too close to not stop. Even though we prefer to avoid the tourist areas, it turned out just fine. The crowds weren't too big in the early mornings. The rain would let up enough for us to get out and see the sites for a while every day.

We stayed on Grand Island which is 15 minutes across the bridge from the Falls. It has to be the  flattest island we have ever stayed on making it great for biking riding with its wide bike lanes and paths.
Niagara Falls State Park has many walking and biking trails and continues to have improvements being made to make the area a nice place to walk and enjoy the surroundings.

 Looking over the Horseshoe Falls from Goat Island.

The Park trolley was a great way to explore the area and get a feel of what the park has to offer. After paying our $3, we climbed aboard and got off at different stops.  At one stop, we walked across bridges to the Three Sister Islands in the Canadian part of the Niagara River.
I had to ride the Maid of the Mist. We arrived at 8:30am as the ticket sales opened and boarded the first boat from the US side (we wore blue, Canada had the red). Our boat was only 2/3 full with plenty of room to move about the deck.We could feel the power of the falls as we floated past the US
Falls. As we entered the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, the mist turned to a heavy rain. The short 20 minute ride was awesome and powerful, becoming peaceful as we exited the roar of the falls.

Our last evening was without rain. We were sitting out in front of our trailer to avoid the swimming hole in front of our doorway. People started stopping by to visit and pretty soon we had a small party going on with everyone sharing their stories. We met a couple that winter just a mile from where we stay and another that stays in Queen Creek.

Every afternoon the heavy rain came in. So we decided to pass on the fireworks, which I doubt were fired off, and the lighted falls.

The Rainbow Bridge provides a walking path to Canada.
 We got an early start as we left Grand Island since we had two border crossings ahead of us. As we entered Ontario, Canada,the border guard looked tired as if  he was ending his night shift and we sailed through. The east coast has lots of toll roads and there was a toll booth as we entered Canada requesting  a toll road fee of $11.25. The roads were fabulous and smooth as we sailed along at 100 km/hr (62 mph) of smooth roads along Lake Ontario.

Canal to Lake Huron

Returning to the US in Michigan was slower with long lines at the border crossing. Fortunately, we did not get inspected at either stop. The roads in Michigan were not smooth as our heads bounced off the headrest on our seats as we drove down the highway. The gravel road as we drove into the campground was smoother that the interstate.

 Lighthouse overlooking Lake Huron

 Back in the US

This ominous looking cloud was greeting us as we entered our campground in Attica, Michigan. It prompted me to ask about a tornado shelter. It soon broke apart as we settle  in.


  1. Sounds like a wet time at the Falls. It is amazing how much water comes over those falls. I have heard a lot of good things about the Maid of Mist boat ride, glad you were on it and it wasn't full.

    1. It was a good time and the only tour other than to trolley that we were interested in.

  2. We typically don't like touristy places, either, but I know when we get near Niagara Falls that we'll go. And we'll do the Maid of the Mist, for sure. Cool rainbow shot with the falls!

    1. Definitely worth going especially if you get there early.

  3. I went to the falls as a kid and Bev has never been so we keep discussing a New England trip that includes a falls stop. You got some really nice shots

    1. It would be a great time to go. The sugar maples are already starting to change a little.