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Friday, June 16, 2017

Franconia State Park, New Hampshire

We had visited Franconia State Park 14 years ago while I working in Connecticut. We knew that we wanted to return someday and this was someday. It didn't disappoint.

Echo Lake 

Cannon Mountain Campground is a small campground with 7 spots with full
hookups at the base of Cannon Mountain Ski Resort and around the corner from Echo Lake. It was in a great location between Lincoln and Franconia in the state park.
 Wood ducks have the coolest hats or is it a pinhead?
A great spot all alone.
The rec bike trail was just around the corner from us.

Franconia Notch

  We had visited Franconia Notch 14 years ago and loved the area and Polly's Pancake Parlor. We
had the opportunity to return and had to try the pancakes again. My favorite was the cornmeal and
coconut but the gingerbread and walnut weren't so bad themselves.

The Lupines were out again on our return visit.   
 The Only Blast Furnace Still Standing in New Hampshire

Hiking to Franconia Falls

After several days of reunions, eating and visiting, it was time to get some more exercise.
We headed out for a 6.8 mile hike to find the Franconia Falls. The Lincoln Woods Trail started
with a bridge crossing and along the creek in the White Mountains near Lincoln, NH. The ranger told us that the moose and bears were very active but must have been hiding from us.
Almost there 
With all of that walking, you would expect a bigger waterfall. Some boys were using the falls as a waterslide. It looked enticing.
The lake would close at 9 pm to the public but was empty by 7:30pm. We would walk down and listen to the frogs and  start their night songs. 

The Basin

We spent the next day seeing the sights and walking in the state park.
 The Basin, located in Franconia State Park is a giant nature-made pothole formed thousands of years ago by ice and river rocks. It's granite bowl spans 20 feet and is filled by a roaring spout.
 It was peaceful listening to the rush of the water making us want to follow the trail even further.

The Flume Gorge

 Mount Liberty and Mount Flume as we leave the visitor's center.
This picturesque covered bridge is one of the oldest in the state. It was built in the 1886. Such bridges were often called “kissing bridges” because of the darkness and privacy they provided. This bridge was built across the scenic Pemigewasset River. Pemigewasset means “swift or rapid current” in the Abenaki Indian language. 
Heading into the Flume Gorge 
The Flume Gorge
  The 2 mile walk includes uphill walking and lots of stairs. The boardwalk allowed us to look at the growth of flowers, ferns and mosses found here.
At the top of the Flume is a close view of Avalanche Falls. The 45-foot waterfall creates a roaring sound as the Flume Brook enters the gorge. The falls were formed during the great storm of 1883, which washed away the hanging boulder. As we walked along the boardwalk the mist would blow across us.
  Liberty Gorge, a beautiful cascading mountain stream that flows through the narrow valley.
The Pool is a deep basin in the Pemigewasset River. It was formed at the end of the Ice Age, 14,000 years ago, by a silt-laden stream flowing from the glacier. 
 This is a narrow, one-way path that involves crawling on your hands and knees and squeezing through rocks called Wolf's Den.
Coming out of the Wolf's Den
The trees have to be hardy to hang on around here.
We could spend a few weeks here and not run out of new things to do and see. I was glad that we were able to take some time here before heading to Maine for the summer.


  1. I told Paul that if we get to go back to the NE, I want to follow in your footsteps. You two are visiting some amazing and beautiful areas. I love looking at any falls, small or big. They give me a sense of peace. Gorgeous photos.

    1. We have been so fortunate to be able to spend this time seeing so many great places.

  2. Now that was an amazing hike!! What beautiful waterfalls!!
    Yes, what Marsha said (where's weaver)!!!! You guys know how to travel and see awesome sights!!

    1. I would have loved staying longer in New Hampshire but thankful for the time we did get to stay there.

  3. Beautiful shots. We loved seeing this area in the Fall, but the green is gorgeous too. The covered bridges are such a treat :-)

  4. Great shots of another pretty area. I can imagine Echo Lake is pretty cold for those swimmers.

  5. Your header photo is spectacular!! That is a fabulous hike -- most definitely going on our list. Is there a way to search your blog so that when I want to go back and look for something I can easily find it? (You know, a search button. :-))

    1. I know I should figure out how to make the site easier to search but find I am always in an area with poor wifi or am just too lazy.

  6. OMG never mind.....I found the search button at the top of your blog.