"Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt" US Forest Sevice

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lexington,SC and Willimington, NC

We made it to Lexington, SC to visit with Mike's grandkids and get some downtime from moving so frequently. Of course, they are growing up.

The area where we were staying didn't have good walking or bike riding paths or roads. Also, the heat and humidity will make a person want to sit in front of the air conditioner. The first day we drove over to Lake Murray and walked along the dam. The next, we went to the local gym and asked to pay for a day pass. The fellow at the desk gave us a day pass. It was good to get some exercise.  

The strawberries at the little market were in season and tasty.
We had a good time visiting with the kids and got to watch Mia play soccer. It was a 1pm game and very hot and humid. I wasn't sure how those girls kept going.

Bryceson is 17 and taller than Mike. TJ managed to avoid my picture taking.

 Our last morning, we headed to Columbia's zoo and botanical garden. We seemed to have beat the rush. As we were leaving the crowds were arriving.

Feeding the Rainbow Lorys

Peyton was enthralled with the birds.

Mia had to hit the Climbing wall before we left.

 We were fortunate on the day we left that the predicted storm was delayed. There were mostly tailwinds but fortunately for me, the side winds came when Mike was driving.
We stayed on Pleasure Island at Carolina Beach State Park and rode our bikes around the island for 20 miles of flat riding with plenty of oxygen. Even the ride south into some heavy winds was doable. The 10 returning was at 16mph coasting with the wind to our backs.

The beach homes were painted in bright and pastel colors.

The southern portion of the island is Fort Fisher that has many places to stop and learn about the Civil War.

The boardwalk on Carolina Beach.

The evening on Cape Fear River along side Carolina Beach State Park.

The maritime underground railroad was quite active here helping the 22 Wilmington slaves escape to the north. They hid along Orange Street on the banks of Cape Fear at night waiting for the Union ship to take them past Confederate Fort Caswell for a thirty mile escape. The story was lost until a former slave's diary was found in 2002.

 There are stories of the ice from Vermont being brought south by boat before refrigeration. It was stored in building with sawdust and 16 inch block walls. The stories go on and on as we walked the boardwalk along Cape Fear River.

Cobblestones from the Revolutionary time had to be used for building because there is no bedrock only sand.
Since our time was limited in the historical downtown, we decided to take a tour. Our guide told us stories as we rode around the streets.

Wilmington's boardwalk

 Driving over the intercoastal waterway. Our campground in the background.
Is this really our life?


  1. You guys are having a great time!

  2. I've lived in the south all my life but have never visited Lexington or Wilmington....would love to though!!
    Glad you had a good visit with the kids!!

    1. The only reason to go to Lexington is to see family and sweat. Wilmington had much more to offer and reminded me of Chattanooga.

  3. What beautiful grandkids you two have. Family time is always such a very special time.

    We haven't been to Wilmington. I would love it. I love learning about history. What a great place to experience it.

    1. Learning and having new experiences makes this lifestyle so good. There is so much history in this area.

  4. The first of May and it's already so humid? Ugh. That's exactly why I left the South so many years ago. Looks like you had a wonderful visit with family, though. Love that last photo!

  5. I could never be a Southern Belle. I sweat too much.