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Friday, March 31, 2017

"Riders on the Storm"

What a song to awaken to in the middle of the night. The trailer was shaking in the wind. The rain and hail were so loud we could hardly hear me singing the Doors song. When the lightening flashed repeatedly, we saw a witch on a bike fly by. We love seeing new places but Oz is not high on the list. The witches we can deal with but those monkeys creep me out. We were thankful when the storm passed and we had not achieved liftoff. We wondered a couple of times where we might land.
Three trees fell in the campground and the state park staff were out removing them at 7:30 the next morning. Two just missed RVs and one side swiped a truck.
 It was a beautiful morning in South Llano River State Park when we woke the morning after the storm. The birds were singing away as the sun came up. I am not sue how they didn't get blown to Mexico.
This park is a major draw for Birders with 30 bird blinds. There were a couple we would go to and bird watch everyday. 

This is one serious birder. I wasn't sure if the camera could double as a noisy person basher.

This blind was set up with 8 seats and windows to view the birds in the water. They had books and field guides to figure out what we were looking out.
Are you looking at me?

There are many miles of trails for hiking or biking. We pulled out the bikes and thought we were headed out on easy/moderate trails.

We had climbed 2/3 of the way up this hill (we are in Texas Hill Country) before I decided it was time for photos. Actually, that is my way of saying " I need a rest". Mike suggested I change the camera speed so he wouldn't be a blur as I got this pictures. I just said "You betcha".

The next photo was not a rest stop but more of a mud spa stop. I am glad there was some grass to land in and not cactus. I was pretty muddy but it could have been worse.

Mike asked if I wanted to go back to the trailer and clean up. I passed. We had water to clean my glasses and hands.  I was just going to sweat anyway. He pulled my bike out and we continued to look for turkeys but only heard one.
This area was closed between 3pm and 10am so we wouldn't scare off the birds.

Sections of the old farm that existed before it became a state park.

We dropped off a tractable bug in a geocache.

Buck's Lake had plenty of turtles.

The campers were so friendly in this campground. The morning after the storm people were checking on each other.
Hopefully, Austin, TX will not show us any "Shake, Rattle and Roll".

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  1. Wow, that was quite a storm! Good thing you didn't end up in Oz! South Llano is another Texas park that we've enjoyed several times. Love all of the bird blinds. Once we kayaked the river, and that was fun. Darn, we missed the mud bath spa when we biked there. :-))