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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Gone skiing

We had been watching the weather before our return to Colorado hoping to avoid some of the wind and ice that had been hitting the country and lucked out. The day before leaving our beautiful campsite and great mountain biking in McDowell, the roads in Flagstaff had black ice but the sun was shining. I mentioned to Mike that I would be perfectly happy staying there riding my bike. We missed skiing last year so he just smiled and said that it was all paid for and we should get ready to be on our way. The wind was to our back, roads clear and driving 75 mph without our trailer, PRICELESS.

We had to drop the trailer off for recall work and get the wheel bearings repacked  which took care of the storage issue for 3 weeks. Then we ran by our storage unit to leave our bikes and pick up our ski equipment before our 2 day, 900 mile journey to Denver.
Spending a couple of days with the grandkids playing Mexican Train and finding a couple of geocaches was very nice. They had plenty of energy at 5 and 8 years old but let us each have a nap in the afternoon. Not at the same time. We had to be responsible since their parents were at work.
Driving I-70 to Summit County on the weekend is not an endeavor for the faint of heart on any Saturday. We managed to arrive on a holiday weekend. The drive wasn't as bad as expected as we left a bit later than most people.

 Eisenhower Tunnel

Our condo is behind all that snow

I wasn't looking forward to the cold but upon arriving, we walked as the snow was starting to fall and remembered how much we enjoy our time in the Colorado mountains. Now to get the boards back on the feet...


  1. Looks like plenty of snow so the skiing must have been great. We've spent many happy hours on the Summit County slopes in our younger days.

  2. Wow, 900 miles in two days? You guys are tough! But it looks like you have a lot of fun in store for you. The kids are so cute.

  3. We were pretty tired and glad for the chance to acclimate to the altitude. We hope your weather is improving.

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