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Saturday, December 17, 2016

The dangers of living in a 55+ Resort

While walking down the side of the street, I heard a screeching noise behind me. As I turned around, a big clunky bike was barreling towards me. The lady didn't see me until I yelled and she looked surprised that I was there, said "oops" and kept riding to her tennis game. How she hits the tennis ball, I have no idea.
Often while driving, we see a person coming right towards us on our side of the road and often don't see us until we honk. Living on a corner lot, I often wonder if someone will miss the turn and run into us because they can't see at night.. Fortunately, there are not many people out at night.
It has been a good experience staying in a 55+ place as we prepare to leave. There is so much to do and plenty of people around even if they can't see real well.
Papago Park is along the bike path that we rode from Tempe to Scottsdale. We saw these butts lined up along the ridge as we rode along. Kind unusual to see them in the middle of the city.

Scottsdale is all geared up for the season.

Papago Park
Bridge across Tempe Town Lake.

Even though I have "retired", I called Banner staffing to see if I could return to work one day a week since we were staying for a few months. They said "Sure, come on back". I am glad it is only one day a week for a little while. Those tune ups (people and vehicle) got a bit spendy this year.


  1. Amazing that you saw a herd of bighorns right in the city!! You guys find the best biking trails. Pretty cool that you can return to work for one day a week for as long as you want.

    1. It has been good to be able to work for a few months and be able to return after being gone for 8 months. Helps the pocketbook and keeps me competent.

  2. We'll have to check out that bike path next winter, looks like a nice ride.