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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Modesto, CA and Labcorps

I don't start working in Oceanside, CA for 2 more weeks and we decided to spend some time in Yosemite. I didn't take the job in WA because they switched shifts on me and passed on Monterey, as much as I wanted to stay, there was no place to stay with less than an hour drive. The company usually provides the housing if I don't find a good RV park. I couldn't even find a bad one and CCTC wasn't up for finding an apartment on this contract. As we were leaving Monterey, the nurse manager from Oceanside called and made an offer for the job there if I would like. We liked. 
There is a time factor when accepting a contract and knew I would have to get a drug screen and TB test before going into the National Park. Stacey found a Labcorp in Modesto on our way (kind of) to Yosemite and faxed over the order so we could stop in. We arrived at noon but Labcorp does drug screens at 1pm and would have to wait until 3 for the blood draw for TB.  We headed over to the library to print some forms and got groceries to fill the time. Then off to Yosemite, finally.
These had to be the windiest 8 miles of road we have ever driven and were pretty relieved when we got to our campsite. Backseat driving can be exhausting.
The drive was only 190 miles but we were pretty well done from finding our way around Modesto and decided to have a down day the next day. Mike started the day with a great breakfast.

We watched the ducks fly up and down the Tuolumne River next to our camp site and read our books. 


 Creek side dining with a fire and wine at the chef's table with the chef. 


  1. You two seem really good at being flexible in your plans. Oceanside sounds like fun for the summer. Looks like a beautiful spot you've found in Yosemite -- we've yet to spend any time there (!!) because we're always thinking it's going to be too crowded. Looking forward to reading about your time there.

    1. I am lucky that Mike just goes with it. Usually I have a job sealed up before we head out. Not so this time and we weren't real accessible.
      After being off for 6 weeks, I wonder how that alarm clock is going to sound. I have a pretty good idea.