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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Titan Missile Museum

My daughter Krista is having her 37th birthday. I never thought that the time would pass but it did so quickly. I am proud of her and the family her and Luke have. But mostly I glad to have been her mom and watch her life unfold. Happy birthday Krista!
We decided to get the Tucson Passport and do some sightseeing since the doctor said  no to bike riding or hiking for the next week after I had a skin graft on my face for skin cancer. I am thankful that Mike is there and has my back even when I get a little emotional. I am usually tough but three procedures and needles in my face made me a bit teary.

The people in our tour group were so nice to me with my patchwork face. A couple of people showed me where they had Moh's surgery and you couldn't even tell. Maybe I will start wearing bandages at work so people will be nice, if that is all it takes.

One of the engineers that designed the control panel was in our tour group and told about the sleepless nights he had while working on the panel. They wanted to prevent any potential misuse of the missile and tried to go over every scenario they could think of.

The world has changed so much in the past 50 years. It is good to know that these missiles were deterrents and never used.

The suits worn to fuel the missiles and maintenance.
6000 pound door that was so well balanced even I could move it.

Mike was hungry for a green chili burger in Tubac. We had to pass the Border Patrol station on the way south.
That is one funky kokopelli.

They actually had tastings for chocolate, caramels and honey.

This is a different way to spend our days since I am not working for a while now. We are used to getting  up and going hiking or biking in the mornings.  This is working out just fine.

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  1. Going through that surgery would make me teary, too. Glad to hear that you're taking good care of yourself (and being well taken care of). It must have been interesting to be on the tour with one of the engineers involved in the Titan missile program.