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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Canadians are coming

The estimated number of snowbirds in Arizona is around 300,000 with 270,000 from Canada. That seems to be the case here in the community that we are staying. Canada's economy is heavily affected by the price of oil and wheat. Now that oil is  below $40 a barrel, it has negatively affected their dollar. For quite some time, the Canadian dollar was pretty close to the US's if not stronger. Now it is $0.75 and then they have to pay to exchange it.

Many Canadians brought their strong dollars in 2008 and purchased properties that were a bargain then. Now they are looking at paying 30% more for utilities and taxes but the return on their sales higher with the exchange. Many are ready to sell.

We are enjoying meeting our neighbors from the north and learning more about them. They can only stay for 6 months without a visa since they can be charged US income tax if they stay longer and possibly lose their health insurance. As you hear they are very nice people elongate their ooooos and like how cheap beer and wine are at Costco. Eh! or "A"!

I am taller than this orange tree and I am not tall.
When I need a lemon, just pick a monster lemon. I guess they will run out pretty soon.
Saguaro skeleton
We found some new trails for desert riding not far from our spot.
We are enjoying our new friends. Many of our fondest memories include the people we meet along the way. Our usual stay is 3 months in any place. Here it will be 4 and we are getting the itch to see new places.


  1. We've been hearing the same from Canadian friends. It seems there may soon be a glut of park models or developed RV sites in AZ if this keeps up!

    1. You are probably right about that. Canada may be a good destination next summer if the exchange rate stays the same.

  2. It sounds as if you have the perfect type of work for traveling and satisfying the urge to move somewhere else every 3-4 months. Stressful work for sure, but a lot of places locally to relax.