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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bulldog canyon and parrots

There are so many hikes that we enjoy in the Superstitions. This is one that is a short drive for us and pretty quiet. Often we get home after wandering and wonder where the day went. Then we stretch out in our chairs and take a nap.
Taking a rest in the shade of the saddle.
Anyone else see the scary parrot? It was Friday the 13th.

It turned out to be a pretty nice 6 mile hike with the sun behind the hills.
Riding along the canal paths is a nice change from riding on the roads. We only rode about three of the 22 miles to get to and from the Gilbert farmer's market and art show.
We ran into a flock of peach faced "lovebird" parrots along the consolidated path and was able to get some pretty good pictures with my new camera. They were speedy little buggers jumping all around.

Peach faced parrots from south Africa were "naturalized" in the Phoenix area when they escaped an aviary and thrived quite well in the warm dry climate.

  Gilbert's coffee shop on Main, Berge's with it's cowboy musician that plays some pretty good  James Taylor and Willie Nelson. There seems to be music everywhere we go.

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