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Friday, June 5, 2015

Buena Vista, Colorado

We haven't been to Buena Vista in a while. Everything was beautiful and river running high after all of the rain we have received.
Mount Princeton in the background while we ride our bikes up Cottonwood Pass.
We managed to ride up to Cottonwood Hot Springs before the pass really started to climb. When we stopped in for a visit, they were very pleasant and showed us around. We have visited Mt Princeton Hot Springs in the past but really liked the atmosphere here.
I was hoping to hike up to Ptarmigan Lake but as you can see the snow was still a bit deep.
After driving down the pass to under 10,000 feet we found another trail with lots of beaver ponds and streams.
The Buena Vista Park runs along the Arkansas River with hiking/biking trails, kayaking and rafting.
So glad we got to return even though its not very far from where we live.


  1. So funny! We returned here after spending some time here a month ago or so. Love this area. Got a laugh at your Ptarmigan Trail hike as we tried it too but it was also snowed in too heavy! I have almost the same pictures :-) We are so loving the SW part of CO. Have been to the north, but not down here. Love it the most.

    1. I thought your pictures also looked the same. Glad you are enjoying it there. There is plenty of boondocking around there and Leadville,